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Kaye Healey Homes

Kaye Healey Homes is a supportive housing program for women and their families. We currently own and operate 35 rent geared-to-income, self contained units located in three triplex, seven duplex properties, and one multi-unit apartment building.

Kaye Healey Homes was founded in 1989. We have a special mandate to assist women in overcoming societal barriers in order to promote healthy, independent lifestyles.

Eligibility and qualifications for a tenant with Kaye Healey Homes involves a willingness for each woman to work on a goal oriented support plan with our Community Outreach Workers. The support plan is a mutually agreed upon personal plan that may involve issues such as educational upgrading, vocational pursuits, parenting skills, relationship and family concerns, budgeting and basic life skills. Our Outreach Workers are knowledgeable about issue such as family violence, drug or alcohol addictions and abuse, depression, etc. and can make appropriate referrals.

Women represent the majority of those living in poverty. As well, they are very often the single parent within a family. Our aim is to improve the quality of life and emotional well-being of women in the Kingston area by providing affordable housing and support recommended you read. Our intention is to assist women who have identifiable life difficulties.

How to Apply for Housing:

Obtain an application form (Part A) from The Social Housing Registry at 362 Montreal Street, Kingston, or print out a copy from their website at

Application forms may also be obtained from The Housing Help Centre at 428 Barrie Street, Kingston, or from their website at

Additionally, Kaye Healey Homes have application form at their offices at 127 Charles Street, Kingston, and staff are available to assist women to complete the forms if necessary.

Further information on rent-geared-to-income assistance and social housing can be found on the City of Kingston’s website at

Who was Kaye Healey?

Kaye Healey was a founding member of Elizabeth Fry Kingston. She was pro-active in bringing educational opportunities to disadvantaged women. Kaye was a determined, compassionate person with an intense love of learning, who believed in changing lives through education.

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Telephone: 613-544-1744

Toll Free: 1-888-560-3379


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